Contemporary conversion of existing garage into office annexe, Berkshire

An entirely updated and re-envisioned home with a versatile annex extension and improved thermal performance.


A private homeowner wished to reimagine their home so that it would have a contemporary and unique feel whilst also increasing the living space and improving energy efficiency - all on a limited budget.


Our client had grown weary of the property and wanted their home to once again feel special. The 1970s structure was both outdated and possessed too little living space for a growing family.

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Our approach focused on three key elements; Firstly, to refresh the appearance and layout of the home; Secondly, to increase the floor area with a flexible annex extension and Finally, to replace out-of-date features which would help increase energy efficiency.

To update the overall home's appearance we replaced the original external, vertical tiles with new English sweet chestnut cladding. We also replaced the existing leaded glass windows with attractive Danish, triple-glazed windows to both improve thermal performance and decrease noise penetration. New insulation behind the chestnut cladding also promised better energy efficiency which along with the new windows would both in turn lower energy bills.

To uplift the approach to the home, we replaced the existing porch's pitched roof with a contemporary flat overhanging roof and enhanced the entrance with welcoming recessed lighting.

For the new extension, we created a space that could be used as a home office, an entertainment area, or even a spacious en-suite bedroom space. The new rooms featured vaulted ceilings, porch doors into the garden, and a bright, contemporary glass link to the existing home. The annex walls were constructed using a Structurally Insulated Panelling System (SIPS) and externally matched the rest of the home's new sweet chestnut cladding and glazing.



The cost of the entire home refresh, including the triple glazed windows, sweet chestnut cladding, and the 33m2 extension, came to £75,000.00.


The scheme has been successfully completed and is being enjoyed daily by a satisfied family.

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