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Our belief is that the success of a design depends on the quality of the connections we have: between our clients, design teams, builders and suppliers. In the pursuit of design excellence, we promote attention to detail of material connections, but also social and professional connections. Our ultimate aim is to create buildings that connect deeply with both their environment and the people who use them. We believe this holistic approach to architecture allows Tait Architects to make a difference in every sector and at any scale.


Whether large scale residential or leisure and educational facilities, we believe that architecture and space enhances our way of life and work. Whether it’s a new build or conservation refurbishment our ethos is a key component to carrying all our projects.

Tait Architects is a vibrant, creative, architectural practice based in Reading with experience delivering unique contemporary homes, innovative extensions, and sensitive refurbishments for residential clients.  For commercial clients we have experience in feasibilities studies, educational facilities, spas and leisure venues.


Quality is a skill that should be expected. No one aims to produce poor architecture, but our ethos attributes this item to more than mere competence or satisfaction, but aspiration to excel is attention to detail. Not merely technically in terms of proficiency, but also aesthetically, a belief in Architecture as art. Not as a vehicle of self-expression, but as an aspiration to create imaginative responses to a site’s context and our culture. We imbue our buildings with this sensitivity through our creative processes using physical models/ computer modelling/ watercolours. In relating new creative forms we also have sensitivity to context and existing buildings. Using traditional materials in contemporary forms uplifts a project, but also a place.


Our most valued connections are those with our clients. We aim to provide a personalised, collaborative, and client-focused service, in which, our clients are a central part of the design team. Design is an interpretation of the dreams and aspirations of the client and we look to maintain close client collaboration throughout the project.

Attention to “connections” affects the entire process of creating architecture. Initiated with connecting with the client, considering the myriad of implications of build elements coming together to create quality connections. This creative process then needs to be communicated with the wider design team of consultants and finally with contractors and builders. The quality of these connections is the secret to quality architecture. Our aim is that the resulting building forms and enhances a final lasting connection of a building and its occupants with its environment and landscape in a respectful, sustainable way.


Tait Architects believes any company is only a sum of its parts, in our instance a highly skilled professional group of individuals with a broad range of complementary skills with experience in many sectors. Our collaborative work ethic and open friendly approach nurtures the best solution to fruition, benefiting not only our clients, but in the broadest sense our entire community.

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