Contemporary brickwork extension to family home, Wokingham

Our clients, owners of this four-bedroom detached property nestled within beautiful mature gardens, sought to create a more cohesive home with an open-plan kitchen and dining space, serving as the heart of the home for family gatherings and entertaining guests.

Previously, the tired galley kitchen functioned as a passageway to various disconnected areas of the house, with doors leading to the garden, annexe, study, and dining areas, turning it into a busy thoroughfare.

Despite the picturesque woodland gardens surrounding the property, there was no quiet spot to enjoy the view from the warmth of the home.

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Our proposed design features a rear extension that significantly increases the property's footprint, creating an expansive area for the kitchen and dining spaces.  This extension, combined with internal refurbishments that widen the kitchen and enhance cohesion among the internal spaces, revitalizes the home and promotes a natural flow throughout.

The extended area boasts large, full-height glass sliding doors that seamlessly merge the kitchen and dining spaces with the garden, providing a light and airy environment perfect for family meals.

To prevent the dining space from becoming too hot, a thoughtfully designed canopy covers the extended area. The underside of the canopy combines brickwork and timber, adding an interesting aesthetic element to the design.

Additionally, the living room has been transformed into a cozy, private retreat accessible from the main hallway. The inclusion of a new log burner further enhances this inviting space, offering a warm and tranquil escape from the rest of the home.



A luxurious window seat in the master bedroom on the first floor frames a stunning view of the woodland gardens, providing a tranquil space to read or simply enjoy the scenery. The use of natural stone and timber flooring, complemented by timber accents on the ceiling, creates a warm and inviting aesthetic that seamlessly unites the house with its natural surroundings.



Existing overall floor area (GIFA) : 120 sqm

Proposed overall floor area (GIFA) : 150 sqm

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