Tait Architects embrace Work.Life flexible communal working

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At Tait Architects we have always embraced flexible and innovative working, to suit both the modern lifestyle and also support those of us with families. Due the exciting shift in focus of some of our larger London based projects however, Tait Architects now has the opportunity to gain even more flexibility with how and where we choose to work.

Rather than fully relocate our whole Reading office to London we will be retaining our domestic projects team for the Thames Valley, who will continue to focus on our residential new builds, home extensions and refurbishment projects.

With regular, weekly staff meetings bringing us together and by embracing the exciting possibilities for flexible working and meeting spaces, we feel this is a really exciting step towards an innovative change in our working. In fact, as part of this new venture we have joined forces with Work.Life co-working spaces, in Reading. Just like other local like-minded businesses, we can now choose to work within a friendly office environment, whilst also fully utilising the opportunity to combine this with home based working.

And the best bit? If you are already a client, we are sure you are wondering what changes to expect - well, aside from our registered address, nothing! Our phone number remains the same and we will be working in exactly same way on projects from a central server, just sometimes with more homely surroundings! We therefore feel this is an exciting opportunity that will benefit everyone.

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