Adapting a home for separate home living and working

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Refurbishment and creation of an extension with flexibility designed in


The client had a house which no longer met requirements for home working and accommodating a growing family. The house built in the 1980s was starting to look dated externally and many rooms felt cold in winter. The new space needed to be adaptable to become a self-contained unit for elderly relatives to live in in the future.


Our approach focused on three key elements; Firstly, to refresh the appearance and layout of the home; Secondly, to increase the floor area with a flexible annexe extension and Finally, to replace the out-of-date features which would help increase energy
efficiency. To update the overall home’s appearance we replaced the original external vertical tiles with new English sweet chestnut cladding. We also replaced the existing leaded glass windows with attractive Danish, triple-glazed windows to both improve thermal performance and decrease noise penetration.

To uplift the kerb appeal to the home, we replaced the existing porch’s pitched roof with a contemporary flat overhanging roof and enhanced the entrance with welcoming recessed lighting.

For the new extension, we created a space that could be used as a home office, an entertainment area, or even a spacious en-suite bedroom space. The new rooms featured vaulted ceilings, porch doors into the garden, and a bright, contemporary glass link to the existing home. The annexe walls were constructed using a Structurally Insulated Panelling System (SIPS) and externally matched the rest of the home’s new sweet chestnut cladding and glazing. To enable future adaptability, the toilet was designed with plumbing in place behind the walls and under the floor to enable easy conversion to a wet room bathroom with minimal work.

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